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 Erich S. Uffelman, Ph. D. Chemistry from California Institute of Technology

Phone Number: (540) 458 - 8040

E-mail: uffelmane@wlu.edu

Office Number: A427

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Research Interests :

The Uffelman group is developing a set of novel polyamide macrocyclic ligands in order to expand the fundamental chemistry and Green Chemistry applications of iron-catalyzed oxidation reactions. Currently we are in our third iteration of ligand syntheses, which has been highly successful. This research program has, to date, involved forty-two different undergraduates, who gain experience in various NMR techniques, IR spectroscopy, inert atmosphere synthetic methods, and organic and inorganic synthesis. Sixteen of these students have done more than one summer of research in the group.

Pedagogical Research :

Novel undergraduate experiments involving NMR methodology or Green Chemistry are developed.
In addition, technical analysis of 17th century Dutch painting is used to teach an interdisciplinary non-science majors course at the interface of chemistry, physics, analytical instrumentation, history, economics, and religion. The course takes students abroad to The Netherlands for three weeks.

Research Students Supervised:

Forty-two at W&L---several for more than one summer or semester (Tamara Hopkins, T. R. Kinsey, Ryan Aday, Matthew Smith, Robert Eison, Anna Mirk, Hilary Rhodes, Jesse Taylor, Holly Layman, Charity Forstmann, Daniel Lee, Anne McElhaney, Jon Doherty, Leonard Rorrer, Carl Schulze, Stephen Hopkins, Michele Connors, Robert Hughes, Alison Cartwright, Ashley Shreves, Tom Stoklasek, Kristen Bonnema, Amy Burke, Gary Davis, Mac Everist, Tanya Watson, Ashley Acker, Bryan Carmody, Andrew Thomas, Marisa Meyer, Johnathan Coleman, Nana Ohene-Baah, Jessica Lloyd, Matthew Reilley, Jared Meyer, Emily Binns, Christopher Diebold, Carly Levin, Scot Pittman, Robert Whitener, Kehvon Clark, Elizabeth Webb)



2006 Sabbatical leave with Professor M.G. Finn, The Scripps Research Institute
2001 Sabbatical leave with Professor M.G. Finn, The Scripps Research Institute
1991-1993 NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Professor James P. Collman, Stanford University
1991 Ph.D., NSF Predoctoral Fellow, Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, Professor Terrence J. Collins; Thesis Topic: Macrocyclic Tetraamido-N Ligands that Stabilize High-Valent Complexes of Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, and Copper
1984 B.S., magna cum laude, Chemistry, Bucknell University


Grants Awarded:






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